Lectorium on Internet Business:
e-commerce projects management; marketing & PR; technology and innovation

December 9-10, 2017 - Kyiv, Ukraine

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About project
Internet Business Hub (IBH) is the platform (course of educational lectures), where you can learn from top experts the basics of successful launching, management and effective promotion of Internet Business.
days of lectures and unique knowledge
10 +
top-speakers from leading companies
100 +
visitors and professional networking
Who to visit
Business owners, CEO and Internet project managers
Marketers and PR-managers
Entrepreneurs who plan to start their own Internet Business
Young professionals/students who want to work in the
e-commerce industry
Why to visit IBH
Unique knowledge
You will get practical knowledge of: 1) how to launch and manage Internet projects successfully; 2) how to promote Internet business effectively; 3) which technological tools can help your business to grow.
You will have an opportunity to make useful acquaintances and contacts, share your experiences or discuss current ideas and maybe even to start common project. Every participant will be able to become a member of the MastersHub community and receive appropriate bonuses / benefits from participating in the next events and projects.
Confirmation of knowledge
Upon the completion of conference, participants will receive diplomas which confirm their knowledge and skills.
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